The tips of selecting curtains

The curtains are very common in our life, but many people do not know how to select Blackout Curtains, there are a lot of curtains on the market, how to select curtains?

Different furniture should match with different style of curtain. Chic wood furniture, most suitably jacquard fabric, dyed to match, plants, flowers, fish and insects pattern is its constant theme. Both the severity of companions, hardness and softness, calm and concise yet elegant atmosphere. Furniture is best suited to light texture, bright color prints, and fully mobilize the lines, color and geometry of visual experience, coming vivid and breezy romantic scenes of modern life. And the choice of a wider range of contemporary furniture, silk, metallic fabric curtain, naturally preferred.

We should be the function of the room when we select curtains, such as bathrooms, kitchens should choose relatively strong practical and easy to wash clothing, the cloth to withstand steam and oil pollution, the style is simple and smooth. Living room, dining can choose luxury, beautiful fabrics. Bedroom curtains require thick, warm and safe. Study translucent curtains require superior performance, bright, using elegant color. In addition, the choice also depends on the fabric demand for light room, plenty of light, you can choose tulle, thin cotton or silk cloth; room light is too abundant, they should choose thicker wool blend or brocade curtains do to resist glare; room to light requirements are not very strict, generally used plain cotton or linen fabric printing is appropriate.

Besides, different reason needs different curtains. We should select cb2 curtains made with thin, transparent soft yarn or silk in light color in summer. Winter suitably thick texture, fine flannel, heavy warm colors to highlight the abundant and dense warm. Spring and autumn with a thick ice silk material, fabric, silk, etc, the color in the color appropriate.


Something need to noted when we selecting curtains

Something need to noted when we selecting curtains

There are many kinds of curtains on the market, it’s not easy for the people who want

to select curtains, then, what should we note when we select Printed Curtains, how to select nice curtains?

First, we should consider the overall effect of the bedroom. in general, such as the

production of thin fabric curtains thin cotton, nylon, silk, thin tulle, mesh cloth,

not only through a certain degree of natural light during the day while at the same

people in the room have a secret sense of security feeling. Moreover, since these

fabrics with soft, light, etc., so hang above the windows were better. At the same

time, we must pay attention in conjunction with thick curtains, because the thick

curtains for the formation of a unique interior environment and reduce the external

interference is more significant effect. In the purchase of thick curtains, such as

the type of material should choose corduroy, wool fabric, velvet and wool and linen

fabrics are made ​​Curtains ideal.

Secondly, we should consider the pattern of the curtains. Fabric colors to

coordinate with the room, according to the environment and seasonal area and weigh

OK. Summer should choose cool colors of the fabric. The fabric should use warm colors

in winter, spring and autumn should choose neutral fabrics based. Said that from the

perspective of the overall coordination of the room, you should consider the color of

the wall, furniture, flooring, etc. are coordinated. If the furniture is in dark

colors, you should choose a more light-colored curtains, avoid dark colors engender a

sense of oppression.

Again, we should consider the style and size of the curtains. In design terms, the

curtains should generally small room relatively simple design as well, so as not to

make the space because the curtain is much more complex and narrow. For a large room,

then should adopt more generous, stylish, sophisticated design. Curtain width

dimension, generally on both sides than the width of 10 cm each window is

appropriate, at the bottom of the curtain should be considered depending on style,

short curtains should be about 20 cm longer than the window sill bottom line is

appropriate,different texture will produce unusual decorative effect. When choosing curtains of

texture should first consider the function of the room. Bathrooms, kitchens should

choose practical, strong, easy to wash fabrics, style, keep it simple and smooth;

living room, dining can fully guarantee light and noise from outside influence,

should choose a strong fabric thickness; study translucent curtains should be

selected good, bright fabrics, elegant colors, helps to relax and think. the seasonal

factors should also be considered when we select the fabric, we should select soft

yarn or silk in summer, what is lowes curtains; we should select thick fabrics,

which is warm and strong; and the Floral curtains are suitable for spring.